The documents need to be legalized in order to use them in Viet Nam. Procedures for consular legalization of foreign documents used in Viet Nam will take four steps:


Step 1: The documents issued by the competent bodies/organizations of foreign countries must be notarized at a competent notary of the country where the documents were issued.(for example here); 

Step 2: The notarized documents must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

List of Notary Offices which have been authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to certify the document (click here)

Step 3: Notarized documents must be certified by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka

Step 4: Foreign documents must be translated into Vietnamese and certified the translation by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka or Justice Division of any District People's Committee in Vietnam or notary service in Viet Nam before being submitted to the competent bodies of Vietnam.

Applications should have:

1. Application form for legalization of documents (download here)

2. Photocopy of requester’s ID or passport;

3. Request documents must be notarized public and authenticated by local legal department (MOFA, JCCI…) before sending to the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka for legalization;

4. Make one photocopy of original for the Consulate General's record;

5. You may come in person to the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka to pick up your legalized/authenticated documents or request for the documents to be mailed-back, in which case you are kindly asked to include a self-addressed postage-paid return envelope.


* Mail back:  To avoid losses during delivery, it is advised to use certified mail such as Letterpack 520¥ (sample here)/ Yupakku (Sample here) with tracking number for your easy tracking.  The Consulate General shall not be responsible for any missing documents due to your choice of using uncertified mails.  A prepaid and self-addressed envelope must be enclosed with applicant’s copy of ID, application form, legalization fees and other current fees (if needed, such as processing fee, shipping, handling and expedite services).

* Any further inquires regarding the above procedure, please email to: vnconsular@vnconsulate-osaka.orgor contact 072-221-6666;

Mail address of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka

₸ 590-0952




₸ 590-0952

Osaka-fu, Sakai-shi, Ichinocho Higashi 4-2-15

Consulate General of Viet Nam in Osaka

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