Who are eligible for a Viet Nam Visa Exemption (also referred to as "5-year visa to Viet Nam"):

  • All Vietnamese nationals residing in Japan who are not holding a valid Vietnamese passport
  • All Japanese citizens/Foreigner who are spouses and children of Vietnamese nationals residing in Japan

The Document shall include the following documents:

1/ Application Form (download here), with 02 color photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm) taken within the last 06 months.

2/ At least one document (Certified copy or the Original document) proving Vietnamese origin/spouses and children of Vietnamese nationals residing in Japan, such as:

  • Certificate of Vietnamese citizenship; Vietnamese Birth Certificate; Expired Vietnamese passport; Vietnamese Identity Card (valid or expired); Family/Household Registration Book; Any document issued by a competent authority certifying the concerned individual originally has Vietnamese citizenship or Vietnamese origin.
  • Certificate of Marriage; Birth Certificate; Certificate of Relationship with Parent/Child; Decision on Child Adoption; Other valid documents as stipulated by Vietnamese laws.

3/ Copy of Residence Card (2 sides)

4/ Original Jyuminhyo

5/ A Japan passport/equivalent travel document with validity of at least 06 months up to the date of entry into Viet Nam; A valid foreign passport or equivalent travel document with validity of at least 01 year up to the date of entry into Viet Nam.

(*) In case of applying for the above procedure by mail, it is advised to use Letterpack mail which has the tracking number (in order to track your documents/package easily)

A prepaid return envelope: if the applicant requests the visa be returned by mail, please use service of the delivery service company. A prepaid and self-addressed envelope must be enclosed with applicant’s passport, application form, visa fees and other current fees (if needed, such as visa approval arrangement fee, processing fee, shipping, handling and expedite services).

To avoid losses during delivery, it is advised to use certified mail such as Letterpack 520¥ (sample here)/ Yupakku (Sample here) with tracking number for your easy tracking.  The Consulate General shall not be responsible for any missing documents due to your choice of using uncertified mails. 

* Any further inquires regarding the above procedure, please email to:; or contact 072-221-6666.

Mail address of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Osaka

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Consulate General of Viet Nam in Osaka     

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