Fabex Kansai Fair is the largest-scale exhibition targeting for the food and beverage market in Kansai area and west of Japan. This is the largest international trade fair specialized in imported food, food distribution, commercial food, cooking ingredients, equipment and food packaging in Japan, held annually, twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka. Last year, Fabex Kansai was held with a scale of 450 exhibitors and the number of visitors was about 40,000 people in 3 days. This year, Fabex Kansai continues to be held for 3 days from October 13th to 15th, 2021, and base on the preliminary survey of the Organization, the Fair has attracted slightly more visitors than 2020.

This is the second time that the Vietnam Trade Office (Consulate General) in Osaka organizes a booth to introduce and promote foods, beverage, agricultural products and fruit products of Vietnam. Following the success of the first time, the booth received high appreciation from the Organization as well as the great attention of businesses and visitors. This year, the Vietnam Trade Office in Osaka has planned and coordinated with the importer in Osaka to introduce and invite guests to enjoy Vietnamese fruits such as frozen longan, peeled frozen durian and frozen jackfruit, besides displaying and promoting of food products, spices, beverages and other processing foods, agricultural products such as coffee, cashew nuts, tea, dried fruits, processing products, instant canned porridge, bird's nest water, bird's nest, spices, wine, beer, beverage,....

With the aim of creating more channels to promote the image of Vietnam's export products, contributing to promoting exports for domestic enterprises that are facing difficulties in the effect of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnam Trade Office in Osaka planned to organize the Vietnam booth as soon as the Covid-19 epidemic in Japan began to show positive signs with the number of infections recorded per day decreased significantly compared to the previous time. Moreover, in the context of Japan's technical barriers applied very strictly to imported fresh fruits generally, including Vietnamese fresh fruits, currently, Vietnamese fresh fruits are officailly Imported into Japan are still very limited, the Vietnam Trade Office in Osaka has promoted the promotion, introduction, connection and export promotion of Vietnam's fresh frozen fruit products.

(Japanese enterprises and customers gather and wait to enjoy Vietnam's fresh frozen longan at the booth organized by the Vietnam Trade Office in Osaka in Fabex Kansai 2021)

Introduce, promote and invite Japanese customers to directly enjoy the quality and deliciousness of Vietnam's fresh frozen longan, frozen peeled durian and whole frozen jackfruit has created a highlight of the attractive and really appreciated by the visitors.

In addition to Vietnam, this year's Fair also has the participation of a number of other countries such as the US, Philippines, Ecuador, Malaysia, Indonesia, ... also with the purpose of introducing and promoting agricultural products and fruits. Although with the resources are limited, so the Vietnam booth is quite modest in terms of size and space, as well as not having the conditions to invest in a methodical design, beautifully decorated and impressive like the booths of other countries, but it was delighted that the Vietnam booth still attracted great attention from enterprises and visitors, thereby improving the effectiveness of the introduction and promotion of Vietnamese products. During the 3 days of the Fair, the Vietnam booth always received a lot of visitting from enterprises and visitors, many of whom were firstly known of Vietnam's longan and jackfruit, but all focused on waiting to be enjoyed, then gave a praise and appreciated the delicious taste and quality of Vietnamese fruits. They also wanted to exchange information and discuss more in order to trade cooperation.

The introduction and promotion at specialized international trade fairs like Fabex Kansai is really a very good and effective opportunity to help Vietnamese products reach and penetrate the market sustainably, targeting customers who are Japanese people, not just Vietnamese consumers in Japan. Through the Fair, many Japanese enterprises have proposed to connect and exchange for cooperation in importing and distributing food products, agricultural products and fruits of Vietnam in the near future.

(Vietnam booth attracted a large number of visitors who focused on learning and exchanging about Vietnamese food, beverage, agricultural products and fruits)

In parallel with the negotiation plan with Japan to approve the official import for Vietnamese fresh longan into Japan, the introduction and promotion to Japanese customers and the exploration and evaluation of tastes of customers are very necessary. That will bring double effects in accessing and penetrating the market for longan particularly and Vietnamese agricultural products generally. Organizing booths to participate in the fair also partly supports to remove difficulties for Vietnamese businesses in finding, approaching and connecting with Japan partners in need through promotion, introduction and supply products information directly to distribution companies, foods importers, supermarkets, Japanese restaurants at the Fair.

 (Vietnam Trade Office in Osaka, Japan)